Enterprise Lecture Series: Spiritual Abuse and Healthy Christian Cultures with Dr Lisa Oakley

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We are very sorry but this Enterprise Lecture has had to be postponed. We do not yet have a new date for this lecture.

We hope to be able to announce a new date for this lecture in the near future. We will get in touch with everyone who has expressed an interest in attending this event to let them know that it has been postponed and we will also contact them once we have a new date.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.



Details of the lecture due to be given by Dr Lisa Oakley are below:


Spiritual abuse is a controversial topic but it is important that consideration and thought are given as to how to respond well to experiences of coercive control in religious contexts. A focus on healthy cultures promotes the prevention of such experiences in the future.

This lecture will explore the key characteristics of spiritual abuse, the impact of this experience and features of responding well. It will end with reflection on the hallmarks of a healthy culture and how work in the area should progress.

Dr Oakley is a s a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Chester. She is also the Chair of the National Working Group for Child Abuse linked to Faith or Belief (CALFB) and the Church of England Task and Finish Group on Spiritual Abuse. Lisa has conducted research into issues of faith, safeguarding and abuse for the past 15 years.


If you need to contact us about any aspect of this event, please do email the events team at public.lectures@winchester.ac.uk



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