Faculty of Arts Research Seminar - Caroline Wintersgill and Daniel Varndell

Wednesday 2 November
Room 202, St Alphege, King Alfred Campus, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 4RN

The Destroyed World: Endings and The Fog of Forgetting in Michel Faber and Kazuo Ishiguro - Caroline Wintersgill (ECWAS)

​Caroline Wintersgill is a second year PhD Student, working with Jude Davies and Neil McCaw. Her research is on endings in contemporary fiction and their role in the demarcation of literary and popular fiction. It combines theoretically informed close readings with qualitative research among readers and representatives of the literary industry, drawing on her 25 years as a commissioning editor in UK publishing

Questioning Form and Truth in the ‘Literature of the Ruins’: A paper on W. G. Sebald’s Natural History of Destruction - Dr. Daniel Varndell (ECWAS)

Daniel Varndell is a critical and cultural theorist in English Literature, with strong links to Film studies. His first book, Hollywood Remakes, Deleuze and the Grandfather Paradox (2014), looks philosophically at repetition and difference in Hollywood remakes, sequels and reboots. He is currently working on a new monograph on the subject of faith and faithfulness in literary adaptations and visual culture.

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