Helen Grime in conversation with Dr Michael Goron and Dr Christina Wilkins

Two chairs

Wednesday 20 February

12.45 pm

St Alphege Building 004, King Alfred Quarter, Sparkford Road, Winchester SO22 4NR

The play Gaslight by Patrick Hamilton is subtitled ‘A Victorian Thriller in Three Acts’, despite being written in 1938 by a man who was born after the Victorian era. However, the influence of Victorian sensibilities in the early decades of the twentieth century pervades this play as surely as the shadows thrown by the gaslight. Theatre critics who saw the first performances were at once caught up in nostalgia for the era of their grandmothers and keen to distance themselves from the all too familiar scenarios presented in the play.

The subsequent film adaptation in 1944 for which Ingrid Bergman won an Oscar for best actress, secured Gaslight a place in the public consciousness. The film is considered an exemplar of the melodramatic genre, whilst the play remains a popular choice on both professional and amateur stages. This conversation will consider the ongoing appeal and resonance of the play and subsequent film that coined the term ‘gaslighting’: a trope which is endemic in our culture and remains a prevalent cause for concern in our society, as recent legislation against coercion and control as a form of domestic abuse suggests.

In Conversation With is an event series presented by the Centre for Performance Practice and Research (CPPR) at the University of Winchester. Each event features one member of CPPR in conversation with an invited external researcher or artist about their current research interests.

This first series will offer insights into ideas pertaining to performance practice and its application in the social sphere, covering a lively range of topics including, dance and dramaturgy; ‘place’ and creative activism; urban butho; gaslighting, coercion and control; performance as public debate; Brazilian applied theatre and solidarity in performance.
Lunch, tea and coffee will be provided at the start of the event.

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