In conversation with Rosa Branson MBE

Tuesday 26 September
The Chapel, King Alfred Campus, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 4NR

Prof. Elizabeth Stuart in conversation with Rosa Branson MBE about her life, inspirations, and the challenges she has faced and overcome throughout her lifetime.

Speaker biography

Rosa Branson MBE (born 1933) is a British painter and fabric designer, living in Highgate, London. Rosa describes her father as being the biggest motivation for her work. Early in her career, Rosa was told that she could not be a professional painter, as to do so it was necessary to paint for 6 hours a day, and as a female it was only appropriate for her to paint small images. Rosa defied this, and has spent the last 57 years painting for 7 hours a day on huge canvases that dominate space and demand attention. Hugely detailed in their composition, Rosa employs classical Renaissance painting techniques to her canvases, which take an average of three months to complete.

Rosa is Co-Director of the Worlington Movement, which serves as an open resource of information for students interested in learning the techniques Rosa continues to employ, to ensure that these skills are not lost forever. Rosa has created work for countless non-profit organisations including the Red Cross, Help the Aged, the Salvation Army and Cancer Research. Rosa’s inspirational charity work was finally given deserved reward and recognition in 2010 when she was awarded an MBE.

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