Influencer Aesthetics: Excess, Wellness, Ordinariness and Sensations

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Monday 9 May 2022, 4-6pm
Streamed live via MS Teams

Each contribution, in the first hour, taps into a particular dimension of influencer aesthetics. Grant Bollmer (NCSU) and Katherine Guinness (QU) look into issues of excess that characterise social media performances. Rachel O’Neill (LSE) draws on her research into wellness as a cultural practice and industry. Mari Lehto (Turku) puts the question of ordinariness into discussion in reference to Finnish lifestyle influencers. Finally, Yiğit Soncul (Winchester) examines the sensations associated with ASMR and discusses how its aesthetics extend from the visual to auditory and haptic. The second hour is designed as a moderated discussion open to all the contributors and attendants.

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