Liberation from Patriarchy for Gender Justice

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Wednesday 6 March

6.30pm for 7pm

Room 9, West Downs Quarter, University of Winchester, Romsey Road, Hampshire SO22 5HT

Dr Cathy Higgins, The Junction, Derry Londonderry

Liberation from Patriarchy for Gender Justice is a training programme designed and delivered by Cathy Higgins on behalf of The Junction, Derry Londonderry and Foyle Women’s Information Network (FWIN). Dr Higgins taught courses on patriarchy as part of The Ethical and Shared Remembering Programme 1912-1922 and in two follow up programmes piloted through The Junction that looked in more depth at the systemic nature of patriarchy and its impact on women.

Dr. Higgins is the author of Profiling Irish Women: Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries and has chapters in two co-authored books on patriarchy, Ethics and the Easter Rising and War and Memory. The intention is to expose the exclusive thinking and actions, systems and structures, that patriarchy pervades in Northern Ireland and that prevent the celebration and flourishing of real diversity, and the healing of divisive attitudes and practices, which reinforce prejudice, hate and intolerance.

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