Marina Henriques in conversation with Professor Tim Prentki

Two chairs

Wednesday 6 March


Tom Atkinson Building 213, King Alfred Quarter, Sparkford Road, Winchester SO22 4NR

Tim Prentki will be in conversation with Professor Marina Henriques Coutinho, Visiting Fellow from the Federal University of the Estate of Rio de Janeiro. The discussion will focus upon two aspects of applied theatre in the context of Rio: the process and outcomes of establishing applied theatre courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels at UniRio; and the project work with students and local young people over a long period in the Rio favelas of Maré and Penha.

Marina is a pioneer in both academic and community contexts. In Brazil applied theatre has been enormously influenced by the work and writings of Augusto Boal who operated outside the academy in formal theatre and popular education settings. Consequently applied theatre has been viewed with great suspicion by conservative university theatre departments. Marina will reflect upon her strategies for establishing applied theatre in the academy. She will also be speaking about the challenges of setting up and maintaining the Maré project. Who are the beneficiaries? Young favelados? University students? UniRio? How can grassroots social change be supported in urban contexts? Marina will also look forward to the renewed threats to popular education and community theatre posed by the recent election of President Bolsonaro.

In Conversation With is an event series presented by the Centre for Performance Practice and Research (CPPR) at the University of Winchester. Each event features one member of CPPR in conversation with an invited external researcher or artist about their current research interests.

This first series will offer insights into ideas pertaining to performance practice and its application in the social sphere, covering a lively range of topics including, dance and dramaturgy; ‘place’ and creative activism; urban butho; gaslighting, coercion and control; performance as public debate; Brazilian applied theatre and solidarity in performance.
Lunch, tea and coffee will be provided at the start of the event.

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