Mixed methods research: integrating paradigms or data collection methods?

Wednesday 25 October
Room 108, West Downs, University of Winchester, Romsey Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 5HT

​Research Seminar Series Four Autumn 2017

​​Presenter: Professor Judith Lathlean, Visiting Professor, HAWRG

Chair: Dr David Walters, Head of the Centre for the Arts as Wellbeing

In this seminar, Judith will be considering the ever more popular adoption of a mixed methods approach to research in health and social care. She has undertaken several such studies herself and supervised many doctoral students engaging in this type of research. As a result she has recognised the importance of understanding what constitutes ‘mixed methods’, in addressing the question as to whether this is an issue of different paradigms or ways in which data are gathered. The seminar will focus on examples of research using this design; it will also draw upon a chapter that Judith has co-authored.

Reference: Turnbull J, Lathlean J (2015) Mixed methods research. In Gerrish K, Lathlean J. (Eds) The Research Process in Nursing. 7th Edition. Wiley Blackwell

This fourth series continues to examine methodologies used in health and wellbeing research and is also broadening to include other health and wellbeing research-related topics. Participating researchers can explore critical challenges in research and knowledge exchange, share expertise and forge connections that will support the development of future projects across a wide range of themes. All welcome and please feel free to bring your lunch with you.

This is part of the Health and Wellbeing Research Group. For more information about the group, click here

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