Neo-Belarusization and the new wave of national emancipation in post-soviet Belarus, 1990-1995

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Event Items - Helen Grime in conversation with Dr Michael Goron and Dr Christina Wilkins - University of Winchester

Thursday 28 February


Medecroft Building 110, King Alfred Quarter, Sparkford Road, Winchester SO22 4NR

Dr Alena Marková (Charles University, Prague – Czech Republic): ‘Neo-Belarusization and the new wave of national emancipation in post-soviet Belarus, 1990-1995’

At the turn of the 1990s Belarus was swept by a new wave of national, cultural, and political emancipation which continued even after the country gained independence from the USSR in 1990. The new nationalist movement demanded the development of national culture and a more intensive promotion of national language in the public and official spheres (especially in state administration, education, mass media, etc.), directly relating to the intensive Russification Belarus experienced under the USSR. The new nationalist movement emphasized the distinctiveness of national culture as well as national history. All these processes were accompanied by active public and political discussion.

The lecture will focus on analysing the nature of neo-Belarusization processes in post-soviet Belarus of 1990-1995 and the special features of post-soviet national emancipation. In addition, attention will also be given to mapping and analysing the political debates over national emancipation (how did the old regime nomenclature officials react to the new changes and challenges? What was the essence of the political discussions between the old regime nomenclature officials and the newly formed political elites? etc.).

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