Noyale Colin in conversation with Dr Stefanie Sachsenmaier

Two chairs

Wednesday 13 March

6.45pm - 8pm (cash bar from 6.15pm)

The Stripe, King Alfred Quarter, Sparkford Road, Winchester SO22 4NR

Over recent years, the wider European socio-political environment has experienced a period of significant changes, with various countries facing austerity measures, growing populism and a demand for new political agendas. A growing awareness regarding the need for solidarity and cooperation strategies, as well as the development of a politics of belonging based on altruism, empathy and connectivity has been widely argued by social commentators (cf. Monbiot, 2017; Klein, 2017). Collaborative initiatives for the UK across its national boundaries are in question in many areas. Practices of solidarity in the arts and their social impact in the public sphere remain under-explored, yet they are key to conceiving future ways of relating to ‘others’ within a national and international context.

Noyale Colin will be in conversation with Dr Stefanie Sachsenmaier to discuss their collaborative research ‘Performing Solidarity’. This project is concerned with the civic role of the arts and will specifically examine expressions of solidarity and modes of collaboration that exist at the intersection between performance and socially engaged arts. While being in the early stage of the research, they will introduce its key questions: how does performance practice might function as a site for solidarity for artists and audiences? How is solidarity promoted through collaboration in performance? What types of solidarity exist within the performing arts and how might these enhance civic engagement?

In Conversation With is an event series presented by the Centre for Performance Practice and Research (CPPR) at the University of Winchester. Each event features one member of CPPR in conversation with an invited external researcher or artist about their current research interests.

This first series will offer insights into ideas pertaining to performance practice and its application in the social sphere, covering a lively range of topics including, dance and dramaturgy; ‘place’ and creative activism; urban butho; gaslighting, coercion and control; performance as public debate; Brazilian applied theatre and solidarity in performance.
Lunch, tea and coffee will be provided at the start of the event.

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