Paper Made Dreams

Exhibition piece

25 September – 11 October 2018
The Link Gallery, West Downs Centre, West Downs Quarter, University of Winchester, Romsey Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 5FT

Daniel is a graduate from Winchester School of Art with a BA Hons in Fine Art Painting and this exhibition covers his most recent work in mixed media and collage.

Daniel says: ‘Adorned with the colour and vibrancy of African landscape and design, the subjects are part experience and part fragments of my imagination. My subject matter and technique have become more personal over time. For me, the medium of collage is symbolic of our ability to form something beautiful and whole out of the fractured or disjointed fragments of ourselves. The subjects convey my deep love of nature and the understanding that through our connection with nature we can reconnect with our dreams and our very best selves’.

Opening hours: Weekdays: 9am-6pm, Saturdays: 10am-4pm, Sundays by prior arrangement (email visualart@winchester)

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