Quality of life assessment in cancer patients: are we making any progress?

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Thursday 24 March 2022, 1-2pm
Streamed live online via MS Teams

Standard metrics of progression of cancer include imaging and biochemistry, but none of these are patient-reported. Reporting Quality of Life/ PROMS in cancer patients is clearly needed to inform healthcare workers, carers and family about patient issues. There is evidence that PROM scores can predict survival and that Quality of care is enhanced just by collecting this data. There are many ways of collecting PROM data, and most are now electronic which has its own challenges for many patients. Selecting the right questionnaire is often very difficult. Analysing results is more difficult still. PROM measures are essential in cancer clinical trials and are a requirement for drug development and approval. Many challenges remain but PROM collection is here to stay and will become an essential part of cancer care.

Presented by Dr John RamageMD FRCP
Consultant Physician Hampshrie Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Kings College
Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Health & Wellbeing

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