Tavern Talk - Dr Vanessa Harbour: Writing History as Fiction

Writing History as Fiction main
Writing History as Fiction main

Thursday 22 November

5:30pm for a 6pm start

St James' Tavern, 3 Romsey Road, Winchester, SO22 5BE

Dr Vanessa Harbour: Writing History as Fiction

Historical fiction is not the re-telling of great events… (Lukács). We are writers, not historians, therefore, anything we produce is an interpretation of that event based on research. Often telling the story of the invisible, those characters in the gaps rather than high profile ones. When writing for children, it is creating a story that is going to engage their imagination using voices that are unlikely to have left any records to work with adding to the challenge.

Tavern Talks are a series of informal talks on intriguing topics from the University of Winchester's Faculty of Arts.

Tavern Talks are open to all who wish to participate. They feature short talks followed by opportunities for discussion. There is no charge for entry, though numbers are limited by the size of the venue. For further information please contact inga.bryden@winchester.ac.uk

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