Tavern Talk - Plants, People and Power

Thursday 19 January 2023, 6pm
St James' Tavern, Romsey Road, Winchester SO22 5BE

The Botanical Garden on the Caribbean island of St Vincent was the first in the Western hemisphere, established in 1785 by the Scottish surgeon and botanist Dr Alexander Anderson. Anderson was a man of his time: educated, inquisitive, and keen to make a name for himself. The garden thrived under his aegis, but Anderson’s mode of gardening relied heavily on the botanical knowledge of indigenous and enslaved African people - more heavily than history would have us believe.

18th-century drawing of a passionflower by a black Caribbean artist and botanist


This talk will unearth this hidden social history of the garden between 1765 and 1825, highlighting plants and people central to the development of a historic botanical garden that still stands as an important part of the heritage of St Vincent.

To find out more, visit www.winchester.ac.uk/andersonbotanicalgarden

Tavern Talks welcome all who wish to participate. They feature short talks followed by opportunities for discussion. There is no charge for entry, though numbers are limited by the size of the venue. Please note that the talk will take place upstairs, and there is no wheelchair access to this room.
For further information contact myra.wilkinson@winchester.ac.uk





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