Terranum Hampshire's Landscape

15 September-27 October
Link Gallery, West Downs Centre, University of Winchester, Romsey Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 5HT

​​Terranum is a joint exhibition of paintings that are made in response to landscape within Hampshire's two National Parks, the New Forest and the South Downs. The physical and visual characteristics of these National Parks are very different, yet strong similarities exist within each artist's interests in their respective location. Geometric and architectonic features of the landscape are essential elements together with a heightened sense for seeking out traces of human presence: trodden pathways, clearings, posts, gates or pylons. Both artists live and work on the edge of their respective National Park area, thus forging strong identities and relationships with their subjects.

The artists for this exhibition are Toby Saville and Caroline Ruark-Davis.

Measurement, perspective and formal structures are essential elements for Caroline, whilst Toby thrives upon intuitive, impulsive responses to direct experiences of landscape. Primary source investigation using colour, surface, line and shape, together with a sense of economy and reduction of mark characterise both types of work, and can be seen as integral to the process of establishing affinities with subject matter.

Opening hours

Link Gallery opening hours are 9am-5pm weekdays and most weekends. Please note weekend opening may be restricted, please email visualart@winchester.ac.uk or telephone 01962 827578 to confirm. Admission is free and parking is available.

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