The Art of Applying Science and being Impactful in High Performance Sport

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Thursday 5 May 2022, 1-2pm
Streamed live via MS Teams

The next seminar in the Health and Wellbeing Research Seminar Series will be presented by

Dr Philip Graham-Smith, CSCS, CSci, FBASES
who will talk about
The Art of Applying Science and being Impactful in High Performance Sport

Throughout my academic career I have always adopted a more outward facing approach to research. I want my research to have purpose and reflect all the time and energy that went into it. This approach has created many opportunities and allowed me to have a very fulfilling and rewarding career working in high performance sport, and more recently as an entrepreneur in sports technology.

Having worked with elite athletes for almost 30 years, I have become increasingly aware that there is an ‘art’ to being impactful, where the stimulus for research has been driven by a ‘performance solutions’ mindset. This initially stems from researchers engaging closely with end-users, developing the most appropriate solutions and providing answers to their specific performance questions. Developing competencies to communicate findings in digestible and engaging formats contributes to the success of projects.

I will share examples of how biomechanical service provision and applied research has evolved from more traditional methods to ones which have become more widely available, providing instant analysis and being more engaging and interactive. The session will aim to stimulate, challenge and encourage participants to reflect on their approach to research and explore ways in which to demonstrate impact.

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