The Tavener Centre International Study Day on music, spirituality and wellbeing

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Friday 16 November
The Chapel, King Alfred Quarter, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 4NR

Whilst we live in a culture filled with music, many of the former certainties of traditional religions have slipped away. However, there remains a search for the spiritual, exemplified in the music of Sir John Tavener. Diverse approaches to the spiritual are situated within the great faiths, how can this diversity inform our understanding of the role of music in various spiritualties and wellbeing?

The Study Day aims to examine the place of music in this complex world, especially its role in wellbeing, through the insights of musicologists, composers, listeners, teachers, therapists and performers. One example might be a particular piece of John Tavener through the eyes of a particular person, where lived experience is valued.

We welcome participants from a variety of backgrounds – both academic and non-academic.

Tickets: £45.00 (this will include a buffet lunch)

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