The university and the common: Rearticulating the third mission from the bottom up

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Thursday 4 November 2021, 5.30pm

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The University’s Centre for Philosophy of Education has organised a seminar series that takes conversation around educational issues as its primary focus and means. Our speakers have been invited to present their work as point of discursive departure, as opposed to completed argument. Setting off from Emile Bojesen’s proposition that conversation “does not leave its initial propositions intact”, the series encourages close, supportive, and productive engagement from participants in the online seminars.

Policy discourses about the third mission of universities in the knowledge economy have placed the question regarding the relation between university and society again high on the agenda. The aim of this paper is to reconsider the university’s third mission through the lens of the common, thereby sketching an alternative to conceptualizations of this third mission in terms of either the public or the private. The starting point of this reconsideration is the story of the Palestinian experimental university Campus in Camps, and their practices of studying the camp, giving way to a series of social and spatial transformations within the camp and its neighboring area. The relation between university and society comes forward not as given or institutionally settled, but as enacted within practices, more particularly within practices of study.

Dr Hans Schildermans is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Center for Foundations of Education at the University of Vienna, Austria.

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