Travelling with Goddesses - Thealogy and a Post-human World

Thursday 23 March
Room 5, Main Building, King Alfred Campus, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 4NR

​​Ruth Mantin claims that Thealogy – ‘Goddess-Talk’ - has a vital role to play in refiguring notions of sacrality which incorporate plurality, connectedness, flux and immanence. She will argue that in this allegedly ‘posthuman’ world, in which there is a blurring of the boundaries between the human and its ‘others’, thealogy can offer a language for post-anthropocentric thought and an impetus to disrupt systemic patterns of oppression.

This is the first event of the 2017 ITP Lecture Series 2017 - Exploring Aspects of the Feminine Divine.

Other lectures include:

  • 26 April 2017 Goddess and God in the World: Why Feminist Theology Matters
    Carol P Christ , Ph.D, theologian and author
  • 10 May 2017 The Great Challenge of Our Time: Defining a New Story
    Anne Baring MA Oxon, author and Jungian analyst​

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