Vanessa Altin

Wednesday 8 March
Room 204, Fred Wheeler Building, King Alfred Campus, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 4NR

​Vanessa Altin, Author of ‘The Pomegranate Tree’ [Blanket Press, 2015]

Journalist and author Vanessa Altin discusses the experiences as a foreign correspondent that led her to write The Pomegranate Tree, which traces the path of Dilvan, a girl of 13 who is separated from her parents and sisters during the siege of her town by ISIS. The book follows Dilvan as she joins forces with a heroic Kurdish fighter, a woman called Rehana, and tries to find her family again.

a gripping, illuminating adventure story for the young-adult market, filled with as much hope and love as death and peril.” –THE INDEPENDENT

For 15 years Vanessa Altin worked as a journalist for a national newspaper until a foreign assignment changed her life. The result was is her first novel, The Pomegranate Tree (Blanket Press, 2015).

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