Voices in Refugee Education - Values, Possibilities and Practice

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Thursday 3 September, 09:15-18:00 BST

Online webinar held on Zoom

We live in a world where some 70.8 million people have been forced to flee from their homes and are now living their lives in the condition of internal or external displacement (UNHCR 2019). Displaced children are significantly more likely than other, non-refugee children to be excluded from schooling. What does the experience of exclusion mean for these children, and what might we hope for if we are to envision their inclusion in education? Each contributor to this webinar has something critical, practical and hopeful to say about how we might counter hostility and indifference to young refugees and create inclusive communities in our schools and beyond.

Webinar themes:
Refugee voices: speaking of and to experiences of refugee education
Teachers' voices: Refugee education practices from the perspective of professionals
Voices for Global Justice and refugee education

Keynote Speakers:

  • Mr John Binama
  • Professor Fabio Dovigo
  • Mr Gulwali Passarlay
  • Dr Halleli Pinson


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