Why banking matters for a fair and sustainable world

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Architects impression of the entrance to the new West Downs Centre

Thursday 10 December 2020, 2.30pm
This event will take place online only, via MS Teams Live

For 25 years in the UK, Triodos Bank has demonstrated a model of sustainable banking that uses the intermediary power of finance to benefit people and the planet. They are 100% transparent about who they lend to - focusing only on organisations that deliver positive environmental, social or cultural change. 

Dr Bevis Watts, CEO of Triodos, will argue that much of the financial sector is currently undermining these issues. In fact, the UK's current banking system holds the potential, through adaptation, to be a catalyst for a sustainable future.

The University of Winchester was able to use a £30m loan from Triodos Bank to complete a landmark new building development at the West Downs Quarter earlier this year. At the time, Professor Joy Carter, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Winchester said: "The project - the most ambitious in our history - typifies our commitment to sustainability and is made even better by receiving funding from such a like-minded and values-driven bank." Triodos also supported Winchester because they believe higher education is a cornerstone to building a more sustainable and inclusive society.

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