Why you need health psychology in your life

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Wednesday 31 October
Room 108, West Downs Quarter, University of Winchester, Romsey Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 5HT

University of Winchester Health and Wellbeing Research Group Research Seminar Series Six Autumn 2018

Session Three: Why you need health psychology in your life

Presented by Dr Margaret Husted, Chartered Health Psychologist and Lecturer in Psychology

Within this seminar, Dr Husted will demonstrate why health psychology has relevance to most areas of health and wellbeing research and practice. Health psychology is an applied discipline which specialises in applying psychological methods within research and practice to behaviours relevant to health, illness and health care. Drawing on biopsychosocial model principles, health psychologists use evidence-based theory and techniques to promote changes in behaviour and beliefs at both individual and population level. As well as drawing on current research to illustrate the application of health psychology, the seminar will focus specifically on highlighting the COM-B Model (“Capability” “Opportunity” “Motivation” and “Behaviour”) and its value across many contexts in providing a clear and transparent evidence-based approach to inform intervention design, implementation techniques and policy formation.

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