Winchester History MA Conference 2017

Saturday 1 April
Rooms 001, 002, 004, St Alphege Building, King Alfred Campus, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 4NR

​Session 1: 9-11

1.A (SAB 001): Gender and Representation I

  • Jessica Leggett: ‘French Queen Consorts and their use of Clothing to Signal National Identity and Authority from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries’ (EW)
  • Kelly Malin: ‘A Comparative Study of the Image and Reputations of the ‘She-Wolves’, Isabella of France and Margaret of Anjou, from the Middle Ages to the Present Day’ (EW)
  • Erin McNamara: ‘Equestrian Portraits of Queenship’ (EW)
  • Rhiannon Kiem: ‘Victim Queens in Academic and Popular History’ (EW)

​1.B (SAB 002): Representation and Memory in the Twentieth Century

  • Alice Panszczyk, ‘War in Wax: Britain’s First Encounters with the Nazi Camps, 1944-46’ (EP)
  • Rebekah Street: ‘Gender and Portrayal of Spying in Children’s Literature in the 1950’s and 1960’s’ (SE)
  • Colin Palma: ‘Representations of Lawrence of Arabia, 1919-1962’ (JB)
  • Sophie Pope: ‘Public Memory and the Mandela Effect’ (KW)

​1.C (SAB 004): Religion, Education and Revolt in Early Modern England

  • Paddy Robinson: ‘A Study of Oliver Cromwell’ (SS)
  • George Cook: ‘Representations of Religious, Parliamentary and Royalist Groups in the Press during the English Civil War’ (SS)
  • Lucy Barratt: ‘Religiosity, Femininity and Education in Tudor England’ (SS)
  • Haley Wild-Sichi: ‘The Education of Noblewomen in Tudor England’ (SS)

​11.00-11.20: Coffee Break

​Session 2: 11.20-12.50

2.A (SAB 001): Gender and Representation II

  • Catherine Manton: ‘The Representation of Female Novelists in Collective Biography in the Nineteenth Century’ (EW)
  • Hannah Ayres: ‘Public History and the Witch Craze in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries’ (KW/SS)
  • Alexandra Cutts: ‘Representations of Witchcraft’ (SS)

2.B (SAB 002): The Medieval Panel

  • David Anderson: ‘The Churches’ Influence, 1350-1500’ (CW)
  • Adam Davies: ‘Graffiti in Winchester Cathedral’ (CW)
  • Adam Drake: ‘Edward I’s Age of Inquest’ (JR)

2.C (SAB 004): The Modern Panel

  • Laura Hope: ‘The Holodomor’ (EP)
  • Laura Cattle: ‘Changing Attitudes Towards Mental Illness, 1790-1860’ (JB)
  • Joanna Bujwid: ‘Polish Grassroot Organizations in Britain, 1939-1950’ (EP)
  • Owen Millward: ‘A Review of Parliamentary Practice: Updating Democracy by the Back Door’ (MA)

​12.50-1: Break

1-2: Plenary Session (SAB 004)

‘History as a Community’
Dr Nicholas Karn, Senior Lecturer in History, University of Southampton

For further details, please contact: Dr Robert Gray

Winchester History MA Conference 2017 is hosted in association with the Modern History Research Centre, the Centre for Gender Studies, the Centre for Medical History and the Wessex Centre for History & Archaeology

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