Women Dancing with Gaia: Feminist Theological Visions

Friday 23rd June – Monday 31st July
The Link Gallery, West Downs, University of Winchester, Romsey Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 5HT

​Feminist Theology and Art Forum Exhibition 2017

​We would like to invite you to the opening night Drinks Reception for the 2017 ITP Art Exhibition - Women Dancing with Gaia: Feminist Theological Visions on Friday 23rd June 2017 from 6pm, followed by ‘Feminist Theology and the Arts’ lectures from Dr Megan Clay and Dr Elizabeth Ursic at 7pm.

This latest exhibition arises from the Cosmic Walk project on which Prof Isherwood and Dr Clay are working at the University of Winchester. The Cosmic Walk attempts to place the divine on a wider canvas and understands women as agents within the evolutionary process, from the genetic level of the mitochondria, to the cultural and religious aspects of lived experience.

Emerging scholarship is showing how women have throughout our evolution danced with the energies of life rather than attempting to contain and master them. The cultures of Old Europe demonstrate a peaceful co-existence between people and nature, based in matriarchal focussed societies – despite their orientation to the female there is no evidence of the subjugation of men.

The Feminist Theology and Art Forum is an initiative of the Institute for Theological Partnerships, set up in 2015, to give women a platform in which to speak theologically through visual art and by so doing help change the face of traditional theology. The ​women are given theological readings to reflect on and to bring their own experiences into the theological world. They understand their remit as producing visual expressions of new ways of being from which new words may emerge.

The contributing artists are Megan Clay, Jill Coughman, Angie Devereux, Annette Esser, Deborah Ireland, Jana-Faye Jakumeit, Christine Kinsey, Heike Knops, Eilean Lavelle, Silvia Martinez Cano and RKP with Rhian Jones (a potter) and Elizabeth Ursic (musician).

Opening Night is on Friday 23rd June
Drinks Reception from 6pm
Feminist Theology and the Arts Lectures from 7 pm
Please confirm your attendance to Joanna.Wilson@Winchester.ac.uk
or by telephone on 01962 826 421

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