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Saturday 4 November
Rooms 001 and 002, St Alphege, King Alfred Campus, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 4NR

Flex your creative writing muscles with a series of guided exercises led by experienced writing tutors in a friendly, supportive environment.

The day consists of five sessions, each 50 minutes long, with short breaks in between. Work through character ideas, conflict and emotion, narrative voice, setting and shape in your work. Suitable for new writers as well as the more experienced, working in any genre. Tutors include Adrienne Dines, Isabel Rogers, Stephen Thompson, Lorna Fergusson and Judith Heneghan.

Bring your own lunch or eat in one of the campus cafes and don't forget to bring writing materials. Free parking on campus.

Cost: £55 for the full day
Tea, coffee and cake included.

Sessions include:

  • SMALL IS BEAUTIFUL - Isabel Rogers
    Whether you call it poetry or flash, every word has to earn its right to be there. How to create a single page that behaves like a portal, not a dead end.
    Isabel Rogers won the Cardiff International Poetry Competition in 2014 and was Hampshire Poet Laureate 2016. Her first collection, Don't Ask (Eyewear Publishing) is out now.
    Get under the skin of your character. Explore your character's sense of their physical self and the way this affects action and motivation.
    Judith Heneghan is an award-winning children's writer and Senior Lecturer at the University of Winchester. She is also Director of the Winchester Writers' Festival.
  • STYLING IT - NARRATIVE VOICE - Stephen Thompson
    Voice is a fundamental concern for all writers. Experiment with ways of telling and revealing to create a distinctive narrative voice and style for your work.
    Stephen Thompson is a novelist, publisher of the Colverstone Review and Senior Lecturer at the University of Winchester. His latest novel is No More Heroes (Jacaranda Books)
  • A SENSE OF PLACE - Lorna Fergusson
    Where you set your scenes can be as important as what goes on in them. Conjure up the spirit of place and add resonance to your stories by drawing readers into your chosen location.
    Lorna Fergusson is a creative writing tutor and author of The Chase and An Oxford Vengeance. In 2014 she won the Historical Novel Society's London Short Story Award.
    Everything is at stake for the characters we care about. How do writers harness the moral and emotional challenges that make characters matter?
    Adrienne Dines is a novelist and author of Soft Voices Whispering and The Jigsaw Maker, as well as an experienced speaker and tutor specialising in storytelling.

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