YOLO. Black “English” Who’s Shaping Whose Identity?

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Row of black men

Wednesday 24 October
6.45-8pm (cash bar 6.15-6.45pm)
The Stripe, King Alfred Quarter, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester, Hampshire SO22 4NR

Jim Baker, Historian, commentator, activist and organiser is the speaker at this Centre for English Identity and Politics. For more information about the Centre, click here

A black working-class Londoner, with Barbadian and Welsh grandparents, Jim will explore how England shaped the experience of black people; and how black people have shaped what Englishness is today, he will:

  • ask ‘did anyone ever want me to be English?’
  • explain why the ‘invitation’ to the Windrush generation was so important.
  • explore how black cultural influence is embedded in English identity.
  • argue that identities always change, no matter how brutal the process.

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