Centre for English Identity and Politics Round-up 2017

9 Oct 2017

The new political battlegrounds of England

28 June 2017

A new paper commissioned for CEIP looks at the marginal seats in England that will form the battleground for the next general election. Lewis Baston highlights where Labour will need to extend its appeal, and where the Conservatives have the best chance of regaining seats. In a new blog post, Professor John Denham looks at the implications of the article.

Professor John Denham makes powerful plea for positive outlook

20 June 2017

Can 'let's take back control’ become ‘let’s take responsibility for our own future’? The University's Professor John Denham believes a new national self-confidence is possible. Read his powerful plea for a positive outlook and a can-do attitude in the face of Brexit.

New CEIP research shows Tory activists are sanguine about break-up of the Union

2 March 2017

Fewer than a third of Conservative activists believe that the loss of Scotland would cause 'serious damage' to the rest of the UK, while over two-thirds would not want Theresa May to offer any new financial or policy powers to the Scottish government in the event of a second referendum. Read more.

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