How clever are the animals we keep?

10 Nov 2017

What feelings do the animals that we keep have? Are sheep or pigs cleverer than dogs? Is there anything that humans can do that some other animal cannot do?

The world's first professor of animal welfare is set to explore these and other questions in How Clever Are the Animals We Keep?, a free public lecture hosted by the University of Winchester's Centre for Animal Welfare at 6pm on 27 November.

Donald Broom, Emeritus Professor of Animal Welfare at the University of Cambridge, is an eminent animal welfare scientist and was appointed by Cambridge as the first professor of animal welfare in 1986.

"With research now suggesting that animals have far more complex cognitive and social skills than we previously thought, society's views of other animals is changing and we are moving from seeing them as objects or commodities to seeing them as beings in their own right," said Dr Steven McCulloch, Acting Director of the Centre for Animal Welfare.

"During his career, Professor Broom has had a huge impact on animal welfare, not least through his research into the extent to which animals have good welfare or are suffering. We're delighted to welcome him to speak at Winchester, which is leading the way in advances in animal welfare research through the Centre for Animal Welfare."

Professor Broom's distinguished career includes research, teaching and writing key publications in animal welfare science, including Sentience and Animal Welfare in 2014. He has also been a top advisor to British and European political bodies.

The University's Centre for Animal Welfare was established in May 2016 to undertake research, teaching and public engagement in animal welfare and related fields. The Centre aims to increase knowledge and understanding and to advance animal welfare standards within society at large

How Clever Are the Animals We Keep? takes place at 6pm on Monday 27 November and will be introduced by Professor Joy Carter, Vice Chancellor of the University, in The Stripe, King Alfred Campus, University of Winchester, Sparkford Road, Winchester SO22 4NR. Refreshments will be served from 6pm with the lecture starting at 6.30pm.

Attendance is free but booking is essential. Search for *clever animals* on the University website.

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