Pioneer of the Green movement to speak at the University of Winchester

29 Mar 2017

Jonathon Porritt CBE, a pioneer in the Green movement since the 1970s, shares his many decades of experience in a public talk at the University of Winchester at 6.30pm on Wednesday 29 March 2017.

A leading commentator on sustainable development and co-founder of the Forum for the Future, in Hope and Despair in the Foothills of the Anthropocene Porritt explores issues surrounding business, sustainability and the Green economy.

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The Anthropocene is a new geological era defined by humanity's impact on our planet, which has changed the Earth so profoundly that the current Holocene era must give way to the Anthropocene, experts now argue.
Jonathon Porritt's talk is part of the University of Winchester's Centre for Responsible Management​'s Responsible Business - Leading the Way 2017 series.
"Jonathon is an authoritative and charismatic speaker who will surprise and inspire on the topic of the 'Anthropocene', the current geological age, viewed by many scientists as the period during which human activity has been the dominant influence on climate and the environment," said Dr Karen Blakeley, who leads the Centre.
"At Winchester Business School we aim to engage in the on-going debate amongst educators, business, government, consumers, media, and other interested groups on critical issues related to global social responsibility and sustainability and I know that Jonathon's talk will be both inspiring and thought-provoking."
Jonathon became a leading light in the Ecology Party (now the Green Party) and was Chair from 1978-1984. In 1984, he became Director of Friends of the Earth where he stayed until 1991. In 1996, he helped to set up Forum for the Future, which supports the wide range of activities he is involved in today - campaigning, advising, writing and speaking. He is currently an advisor to many bodies on environmental matters, as well as to prominent individuals including HRH The Prince of Wales. 
All welcome. Tickets are £5 each which includes a small buffet and drinks.
Registration essential at: 
At 6pm, there will be light refreshments, Jonathon Porritt will speak at 6.30pm and there will be drinks and networking at 7.45pm.



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