University of Winchester medical historian reveals healthy biscuits from hundreds of years ago

26 Jul 2017
group of people around a table making biscuits
A University of Winchester expert in medical history is set to reveal the origins and past of family tea-time favourite the digestive biscuit when she appears in a new episode of the popular BBC2 documentary series Inside the Factory next week. 
Professor Louise Hill Curth, Professor of Medical History at the University of Winchester, features in the latest episode of the programme which takes an exclusive look behind the scenes to explore how our favourite foods are made. This week's programme looks at digestive biscuits and how the ideas of 'healthy' biscuits evolved over the centuries.  
Professor Hill Curth spent a day filming for the programme alongside historian Ruth Goodman, the presenter of the programme's historical food section, to provide an insight into how the semi-sweet biscuits came to exist as we know them today. They prepared a seventeenth-century recipe for 'healthy' biscuits made up mainly of almonds, sugar and lots of wine and discussed how these developed into the nineteenth-century digestive biscuit.
According to Professor Hill Curth: "The idea of what constitutes a healthy type of food has changed dramatically over time. Despite modern views on biscuits, the moderate consumption of certain kinds of biscuits was once thought to be part of a healthy diet. In addition, as Ruth Goodman and the filming crew agreed, the ones that we made were also very delicious!"
The Inside the Factory episode on biscuits will be shown on BBC2 at 8pm on Tuesday 1 August.

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