Working to promote greater knowledge and understanding of religious belief and practice, and the role and impact of religion in the public square.

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About us

The Centre for Theology and Religion in Public Life (TRiPL), based in the Department of Theology, Religion and Philosophy, believes there is a need for greater understanding about religion across all sections of society – one of the key recommendations of ‘Living with Difference’, the report by the Commission on Religion and Belief in British Public Life, published in December 2015.

Businesses, the media, politicians, schools, government and public bodies, the wider public – all should have access to reliable information about the beliefs and practices of the main religious traditions and the ‘religious dimension’ of local, national and global issues.

TRiPL contributes to public debates and policy thinking and welcomes commissioned pieces of research and organisational reviews and evaluations.


TRiPL offers consultancy, advice, training and other services to a wide range of institutions, and helps resource churches, dioceses and other religious communities so they can participate effectively in the ‘public square,’ and respond to opportunities to engage in public life.

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