Promoting theological debate about such aspects as ethics, human understanding, mind and body, the cosmos and the environment.

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About us

Led by Professor Lisa Isherwood, ITP hosts conferences and lectures throughout the year on a wide range of topics and issues, including annual events such as the Awakening to a New Consciousness lecture and the Feminist Theology and Art Exhibition. Proceedings are made available through ITP publishing.

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ITP Theology Discussion Group

ITP hosts a monthly discussion group at the University which is open to all and looks at a range of issues from a theological perspective as well as welcoming guest speakers to inspire and engage discussion. Previous topics have included the cultural invention of witchcraft/persecution of witches; the case for animal theology and a consideration of animal spirituality/inner life; Asian feminist theology; Near Death Experiences and their implications for theology. If you would like to come to one of our meetings and join in with the discussion, please email us.

Cosmic Walk

A project that brings together all that ITP stands for is the Cosmic Walk. Designed by Professor Isherwood, this garden space aims to physically situate Christian Theology within the new Cosmology. It a theological attempt to place our feet in the unfolding story of the cosmos and from there to reflect upon that which we call the Divine.  As we walk through the garden we hope that we begin to understand more deeply our participation in the birth and unfolding of the universe. This walk will be accompanied not just by the mind maps and tools of theology but also with quantum physics, cosmology, mythology and each breath we take. The theology that we are asked to engage with is in each cell of our body and all around us, it is incarnational theology.


The Labyrinth is an important part of the walk and we would recommend that you spend some time in considering its symbolic importance and essential truth. The Entanglement Installation represents the layered dimensions of modern society, the entanglement of dominating thoughts and ideas both through the media and language. Nature is buried beneath these heavy layers of human ideas of morality and justice both within religion and the secular world. This piece of art is placed here at this point in the cosmic walk to encourage us to reflect on what our true origins are if we are able to see beneath the cloak of dualistic thinking of hetero-normativity that religion, global capitalism and the consumerist market place encourage and nurture in us.

Recent developments

New sculptures have been added to the garden a spider's web and meteorite sculpture by Daren Greenhow. In August 2014, artist Dr Megan Clay completed work on the Entanglement panel in the modern section of the garden, and she has also done some preparatory work on the meteor crater. We would also like to thank Megan Clay who has recently been creating a sandbag turret to give more shape to the cannon installation and then creating a small pond at the base of the bank. The intention is for the pond to settle in as naturally as possible and for propagation of plants to gradually take place. Newts are already in residence in the area, so it is hoped that the pond will enhance their habitat.

Meet the team

Core team

Visiting Professors

Visiting Research Fellows

  • Dr Megan Clay
  • Dr Mary Condren
  • Dr Shirley Firth
  • Fr Diarmuid O’Murchu
  • Dr Agnes Rafferty
  • Jenny Rolph
  • Dr Paul Rolph

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