Reflects and extends the University’s commitment to those in need in low- and middle-income countries.

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About us

Many health and social care workers in the UK currently offer their time and expertise voluntarily to support overseas developments. The WCGH offers high-quality consultancy that is educationally sound, as well as a forum for people to share their experience and to conduct research into their work and exchange findings more widely. The WCGH also establishes and manages projects in low- and middle-income countries to help the people there develop systems and personnel, for example through Commonwealth Professional Fellowships, and conducts high-quality research into this work.

The WCGH works at all levels of influence – Government departments, health and social care providers, professional groups, and academic institutions – as well as forming alliances with non-governmental organisations and charities both in the UK and overseas.

The WCGH has only a limited physical location at the University and works largely on a ‘virtual’ basis through its website, Skype and electronic platforms. It is reliant on external funding and the University’s generosity for its work. People who work for and with the Centre do so on a voluntary basis or as part of their existing employment contracts, whether inside or outside the University.

An interdisciplinary, outward-looking centre, the WCGH works across the University’s Faculties and Schools and with external organisations  to meet its goals.

Guiding principles:

  • To support the development of health, and social care services that meet the particular needs of low- and middle-income countries
  • To work with others towards the creation there of the necessary workforce educated to the highest standards
  • To help people locally to identify what’s needed and to find ways to meet those needs themselves, so that any involvement on our part becomes locally sustainable when outside support is no longer possible or available
  • To help people working in this way to conduct high quality research into that work, and in partnership with them to publicise their findings as widely as possible.


The inauguration of the Centre has led us into close collaboration with a number of groups working in the field of Global Health, which at the present time comprise:

Partnerships in Health Information

Partnerships in Health Information, led by Chris Zielinski, works to ensure that high-quality health information is available as widely as possible in low- and middle-income countries. More information forthcoming; to contact Chris, email

The Kintampo Project

The Kintampo Project, led by Dr Mark Roberts, a Visiting Fellow in the Centre, helps train new community-based mental health workers to provide care in poor, rural areas throughout Ghana. For more details click here.

Wessex Global Health Networks

The Wessex Global Health Network, led by Dr John Acres, helps people interested in global health to keep in touch with each other and to remain up to date with local, national and international information. For more details click here.

Medicine in the Cloud

We are collaborating with Laura Broadhurst and Vanessa Emmett on a programme of work whereby UK medical educators provide teaching, employing advanced IT facilities, for healthcare students and postgraduates in countries where at present there are severely limited opportunities. More details forthcoming.

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