A high-impact centre dedicated to the advancement of animal welfare.

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About us

Our Centre for Animal Welfare (CAW) has a world-leading set of specialists in animal welfare, animal behaviour, animal law and advocacy. We are passionate about helping animals, and very actively advocate for animals, through our teaching, research, external presentations, our support of external campaigns, and of non-governmental and governmental organisations working to advocate for animals, and to advance their welfare. We’re one of the world’s leading centres in these respects. We are the academic centre to join for those who want to actively advocate for animals and to advance their welfare.

CAW's MSc and BSc courses are based in the Faculty of Health and Wellbeing, while its BA course is offered by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. For further course details, see below under Study With Us.

CAW has partnerships with Compassion in World Farming and the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and links with many others working in the animal welfare field. Through CAW the University is a signatory to the CreatureKind commitment. 

Our seminar series on important and interesting animal welfare issues is one of several means by which we seek to engage with wider society to increase knowledge and understanding about animal welfare and animal use practices. For forthcoming events, see below under What's On.

Meet the team

Academic staff

Visiting Professors

Visiting Lecturers

Early Career Research Fellows

  • Pam-Adams Wright, Visiting Early Career Research Fellow

External Advisor

Research students

  • Pam Adams-Wright: 'An investigation into why post-weaning stereotypical pacing develops in red squirrel kittens at Wildwood Escot and Wildwood Kent'
  • Rebecca Hammerton: 'Keeper perceptions of captive primate diets: nutritional and welfare perspectives'
  • Catherine Farren: 'Human-animal relationships: the impact of cultural attitudes on companion animal welfare needs in India, Thailand and Malawi’
  • Nia Parry-Howells: 'The impacts of prior life experiences on the welfare of captive primates'
  • Elizabeth Roe: 'Breeding Success and Welfare in Aye-Ayes (Daubentonia madagascariensis): Wild and Captive Perspectives'