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About us

The University of Winchester's Institute for Value Studies is an extra-departmental unit enabling students and staff from the university's different departments to work together on fundamental questions about ethics, politics, art, religion and education​.

The core of the Institute’s work is formed by a series of undergraduate modules (find out more). Around that core grows a rich intellectual culture in the shape of open events and research projects. Every module offered by the Institute for Value Studies is open to all undergraduates at Winchester. Many programmes allow students to take the Institute's modules for credit​.

​The Institute facilitates a Film ​Forum, which organises events where students and staff at Winchester can have informal and undogmatic conversations about politics, ethics, art, religion and education through the medium of film.​

There is also a Current Affairs Circle, a forum for informal conversations about global current affairs, co-organised by the Winchester Scholars Scheme, the Politics and Global History Programme and the Institute for Value Studies.​​

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Dr Thomas Nørgaard, IVS Director


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