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The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 disease (COVID-19) a pandemic in March 2020 and accompanying health crisis has seen an unprecedented cessation of all outpatient clinics, changing the way in which health care professionals (HCP) provide care. Organisational plans to offer more telemedicine have been rolled out at an incredible pace, and health care professionals have rapidly adapted to a new way of working.

What is the content of the course?

This course will provide a thorough overview of three aspects of remote working

  1. important considerations for the completion of safe and effective consultations
  2. information gathering as part of appointments including, electronic recording keeping and transmission of reports
  3. introducing an audit and quality framework to assess, evaluate and improve nutrition care offered through remote consultation in a systematic way.

The course has been created by 3 clinical academic paediatric dietitians and advanced clinical practitioners, Dr Luise Marino, Dr. Rosan Meyer and Marianne Williams. You may already be familiar with the recent webinars they have delivered on remote consultations and virtual assessments and the guideline to remote working they created for the BDA Paediatric Groups.

Dr Luise Marino (RD, PhD)

Dr Luise Marino is a clinical academic paediatric dietitian and senior lecturer in Nutrition & Dietetics at the University of Winchester. Luise’s research interest aims to characterise the nutritional journey of infants/children with congenital heart disease (CHD), and how the development of integrated pathways for nutritional rehabilitation could promote healthy growth and reduce parental stress. Following a NHS England PEER review (2019) the nutritional pathway developed to support growth in infants with congenital heart disease before surgery was recognized as a national exemplar of good practice.

Rosan Meyer (RD, PhD)

Dr. Rosan Meyer is a clinical academic paediatric dietitian, holding honorary senior lecturer status at Imperial College London, as well as visiting Professor status at Leuven University, Belgium.  She currently teaches on the Allergy MSc, Imperial College London and is an international guest speaker at conferences around the world.

Marianne Williams (RD, MSc)

Marianne Williams is a Dietetic Advanced Clinical Practitioner. She set up the first NHS primary care dietetic-led gastroenterology clinic in the UK in 2011 specialising in dietary treatment for adults with IBS and gastrointestinal allergy. The clinic has won multiple national awards including awards from NHS England, NHS Digital and the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence (NICE)


This course has been endorsed by the British Dietetic Association (BDA) for 5 hours of continuing professional development. On completion of the course, participants will be issued a certificate of completion from the University. The course is open to those in and outside the UK.



Distance learning only.

Learning and teaching

This is a fully online, 5-hour distance learning course, facilitated by Dr Luise Marino. It will require 5 hours of study and consists of a combination of written material, pre-recorded lectures, quizzes to test learning and the opportunity to engage via the Chat. The course can be worked through in your own time but all the content needs to be completed.

This distance-learning course is delivered via Canvas. Due to government regulations, Instructure (Canvas) prohibits the unauthorised use of its products and services in specific countries and regions. We need to make these restrictions clear to individuals considering this course. Please see the guidance as documented by Canvas.

Which countries are restricted from using Canvas?

This course requires access to the following:

  • Windows XP SP3 and newer
  • Mac OSX 10.6 and newer
  • Linux - chrome OS
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 2GHz processor
  • Minimum of 512kbps (basic DSL)

JavaScript must be enabled in your browser.

  • Chrome 19
  • Safari 5
  • Firefox 12






Run by the Faculty of Health & Wellbeing at the University of Winchester, this is the only University-based course of its kind in the UK.

This course is designed for those interested in improving their knowledge and expertise in the field of tele-health and Technology Enabled Care Services (TECS). It is predominately aimed at health care professionals (doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals) who would like to implement the use of TECS delivering remote consultations as part of their routine clinical practice. 

A good command of the English Language is required, both written and oral.

Course enquiries and applications

The course will start on 17 August 2020 and be available for the next academic year.

For general enquiries please contact the department administrator For academic/course content enquires please contact Dr Luise Marino

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Modules Credits

Topic 1
  • Initiatives supporting telehealth
  • Defining telehealth, telemedicine and remote consultations
  • Digital capabilities framework
  • Professional standards
  • Considerations before setting up a remote consultation service
  • Considerations before starting an individual consultation
  • Aspects around confirming identity and safeguarding of the health care professional and service user
Topic 2
  • Review of what information do you need before the remote consultation?
  • Tips on communication with service users during a remote consultation
  • Vulnerable children and service users
  • Considerations for completing assessment and planning treatment
  • What to do if you have concerns regarding a service-users safety or deteriorating clinical condition
  • Considerations for record keeping and adherence to General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)


Topic 3
  • The use of audit as part of a remote consultations
  • What is an audit standard and how to audit your practice
  • Why is audit important
  • How can audit be used within a quality improvement framework as part of an audit cycle or quality improvement project

Please note the modules listed are correct at the time of publishing, for full-time students entering the programme in Year 1. Optional modules are listed where applicable. Please note the University cannot guarantee the availability of all modules listed and modules may be subject to change. For further information please refer to the terms and conditions at
The University will notify applicants of any changes made to the core modules listed above.

Progression from one level of the programme to the next is subject to meeting the University’s academic regulations.

Course Tuition Fees and Additional Costs

The normal fee is £95
You will receive joining instructions via email within 24 hours of booking your place.
For information about staff and student discounts please contact the short course administrator

Total Cost | £95

Key course details

5 hours
Distance Learning only