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Employer engagement and collaborative partnerships in the University of Winchester Business School

The University of Winchester Business School has an excellent track record of education, employability and enrichment in partnership with the business community. Explore the links below for the full range of our innovative initiatives.

What we do

Degree Apprenticeships

The degree apprenticeship is a new government and industry scheme allowing young people to complete a full honours degree whilst working. Our innovative Degree Apprenticeships were pioneered by Winchester Business School.

Find out more about our Degree Apprenticeships.

The Centre for Apprenticeship Research and Knowledge Exchange (CARKE) at the University of Winchester aims to help accelerate the process by which employers and individuals with high aspirations can benefit mutually from high-quality apprenticeships.

Find out more about CARKE.

Local Enterprise ​Partnerships (LEPs)

The Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership is a public/private partnership set up to support and sustain economic growth at a local level.  As one of the largest and most successful LEPs in the country, it is firmly established locally and has gained momentum within the business community. The University of Winchester believes it has a significant role to play in supporting the LEP, in up-skilling the local workforce and in contributing to the wider development of the economy.

Work Placements

Our Work Placement Scheme is a partnership between the student, the employer and the University, and has been designed to help undergraduates gain real work experience.Develop your future graduate workforce through placement in the following discipline areas:

  • Business Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Marketing
  • Events Management
  • Accounting, Finance and Economics

A student work placement is an integral part of our undergraduate programmes in the Winchester Business School. Placements are undertaken following a student's second year of study. There is the opportunity to host University of Winchester studentsfor 12 months or less, paid or unpaid.

We know that all organisations are different and employers have different needs. We will work with you to help you to shape your placement and maximise the benefit to your organisation. The key to developing a successful placement and recruiting the right candidate is to ensure you have a clear picture of what you are offering and what you expect from prospective placement students.


Placements can benefit you as our students can be:

  • An extra support while you are pursuing other business issues
  • A means of tackling projects to take them forward
  • A route to university resources and knowledge often at the leading edge of technology
  • and current academic thinking
  • A cost effective solution to your recruitment needs.
  • A potential new recruit

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