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Eric Anderson is Professor of Sport, Masculinities & Sexualities. He holds four degrees, has published numerous books and over 60 peer-reviewed journal articles. His research is regularly featured on international television, in print and digital media. 

He is the leading academic expert on gay men in sport, and the architect of Inclusive Masculinity Theory, which was generated from his research showing that decreased homophobia leads to a softening of heterosexual masculinities. This permits young men to kiss, cuddle and maintain bromances with other males, while also leading to semi-sexual behaviours between men and the increased recognition of bisexuality. 

His sexuality research extends to the improvement that decreasing cultural homophobia has on biphobia, and his work on monogamy and cheating finds positive aspects of non-monogamous relationships, including cheating.

Professor Anderson is also the trustee of the Sport Collision Injury Collective which is committed to examining and removing brain trauma caused by participation in contact sports. His interest in sport extends to critiquing organised team sports and writing about the coaching of long-distance runners.

Professor Anderson's research excellence is recognised by the British Academy of Social Sciences; he is a Visiting Professor at the University of California, Irvine; and he is also a Full Fellow of the International Academy of Sex Research.

He is the Strand Leader for the Inclusivity in Sport research strand of the University's Sport and Exercise Research Centre.

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Areas of expertise

  • The social problem of collision trauma in contact sports
  • Sociology of sport, examining gender and sexualities
  • Sociology of masculinities, in either education or among youth
  • Homophobia in sport or education
  • Monogamy and cheating among athletes and non-athletes
  • Bisexuality
  • Coaching distance runners



  • 2017 Eric Anderson and White, A. Sport, Theory and Social Problems: A Critical Introduction. Routledge, 2nd Ed.
  • 2016 Eric Anderson; Magrath, R. & Bullingham, R. Out in Sport: The Experiences of Openly Gay and Lesbian Athletes. Routledge.
  • 2016 Eric Anderson & McCormack, M. The Changing Dynamics of Bisexual Men’s Lives: Social Research Perspectives. Springer
  • 2014 Eric Anderson. 21st Century Jocks: Sporting Men and Contemporary Heterosexuality. Palgrave McMillan.
  • 2012 Eric Anderson. The Monogamy Gap: Men, Love, and the Reality of Cheating. Oxford University Press.
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  • 2009 Eric Anderson. Inclusive Masculinity: The Changing Nature of Masculinities. Routledge.
  • 2005 Eric Anderson. In the Game: Gay Athletes and the Cult of Masculinity. State University of New York Press.


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  • 2010 Eric Anderson. Sport, Theory and Social Problems: A Critical Introduction. Routledge.


  • Contracted: Magrath, R. Eric Anderson & Cleland, J. Handbook of Masculinity and Sport.

  • 2014 Hargreaves, J. & Eric Anderson. Routledge Handbook of Sport, Gender, and Sexualities. New York: Routledge.

Edited books

  • Contracted White, A. Eric Anderson & Batten, J. Rugby Concussion and Social Change.
  • Contracted Eric Anderson. Generational Masculinities. London: Routledge.
  •  2017    Eric Anderson & Travers, Ann. Playing Against Gender: Transgender Athletes in Sport. Routledge.
  •  2012    Eric Anderson. Sport, Masculinities and Sexualities. New York: Routledge.

Trade books

  • 2016 Eric Anderson. The Distance Runner’s Handbook: A Comprehensive Approach to Distance Running. Monterey, CA: Coaches Choice.
  • 2012 Eric Anderson. The Runner’s Textbook: A Comprehensive Approach to
    Distance Running. Charleston, SC: Booksurge.
  • 2009 Eric Anderson. Souls of our Nation: The Lost Tale of Slavery, Revolutionary War, and the Burning of Manhattan. Charleston, SC: Booksurge.
  • 2000 Eric Anderson. Trailblazing: America’s First Openly Gay Track Coach. Los Angeles: Alyson Press.
  • 1993 Eric Anderson. Training Games: Coaching Runners Creatively. Palo Alto, CA: Track & Field News Press.

More publications by Prof. Anderson

Forewords to books

  • 2012 Anderson, Eric. Foreword to Mark McCormack, Gay Friendly High Schools: Masculinity, Sexuality and Friendship. Oxford University Press.
  • 2012 Anderson, Eric. Foreword to Jorge Knijnik and Daryl Adair, Embodied Masculinities in Global Sport. West Virginia University Press.
  • 2007 Anderson, Eric. Foreword to David Nylund, Beer, Babes, and Ball: Masculinity and Sports Talk Radio. State University of New York Press.

Journal articles

  • In Press
    (61) Roberts, S. Eric Anderson & Magrath, R.
    Inclusive masculinity in the man's game: continuity, change and complexity in the performance of masculinity among elite young footballers.
    British Journal of Sociology.
  • In Press
    (60) Batten, J., *White, A., Eric Anderson & Bullingham, R. (editorial)
    Management to Prevention: The New Cure for Sports Concussion. 
    British Journal of Sport Medicine.
  • In Press
    (59) Eric Anderson, Ripley, M. & McCormack, M. 
    A Mixed-Method Study of Same-Sex Kissing among College-Attending Heterosexual Men.
    Sociological Perspectives.
  • In Press
    (58) Batten, J., *White, A. & Eric Anderson (editorial)
    Preventing Penalty Corner Injuries and Head Trauma in Field Hockey: Time to Consider the Power Play? 
    British Journal of Sport Medicine.
  • In Press
    (57) *Branfman, J.; Stiritz, S. & Eric Anderson
    Relaxing the Straight-Male Anus:
    Decreasing Homohysteria around Anal Eroticism.
  • In Press
    (56) *Scoats, R., Joseph, L. & Eric Anderson
    I don’t mind watching him cum: Heterosexual Men, Male-Male-Female Threesomes, and the Erosion of the One-Time Rule of Homosexuality.
  • In Press
    (55) Hamdi, N. Lachheb, M * Eric Anderson
    Masculinity, Homosexuality and Sport in an Islamic State. 
    Journal of Gender Studies.
  • Online First
    (54) Hamdi, N. Lachheb, M. & Eric Anderson
    Queen of Fights: Lesbian Life in Tunisian, Muslim Sport.
    Journal of Homosexuality.
  • Online First
    (53) *Morris, M. & Eric Anderson
    Charlie is so Cool Like: Inclusive Masculinity and Popularity on YouTube. 
  • Online First
    (52) Kian, E.M., Eric Anderson, Vincent, J. & Murray, R. Sport Journalists’ Views’ on Gay Men in Sport, Society, and within Sport Media. 
    International Review for the Sociology of Sport.
  • Online First
    (51) *Magrath, R.; Eric Anderson, & Roberts, S. On the Door-Step of Equality: Attitudes toward Gay Athletes among Academy Level Footballers.
    International Review for the Sociology of Sport.
  • Online First
    (50) Eric Anderson. & McCormack, M. Cuddling and Spooning: Heteromasculinity and Homosocial Tactility among Student-Athletes. 
    Men and Masculinities.
  • Online first (49)
    Drummond, M.; Filiault, S; Eric Anderson & Jeffries, D. Homosocial Intimacy among Australian Undergraduate Men.
    Journal of Sociology.
  • 2016 (48)
    Eric Anderson; McCormack, M. & *Ripley, M.
    Sixth Form Girls and Bisexual Burden.
    Journal of Gender Studies, 25(1): 2434.
  • 2015 (47)
    Joseph, L. & Eric Anderson
    The Influence of Gender Segregation and Teamsport Experience on Occupational Discrimination in Sport-based Employment.
    Journal of Gender Studies.
  • 2015 (46)
    McCormack, M.; *Wignall, L.; & Eric Anderson Identities and Identifications: Changes in Metropolitan Bisexual Men’s Attitudes and Experiences.
    Journal of Bisexuality, 15(1): 3-20
  • 2015 (45) Eric Anderson; *Scoats, R.; & McCormack, M. 
    Metropolitan Bisexual Men’s Relationships: Evidence of a Cohort Effect.
    Journal of Bisexuality, 15(1): 21-39.
  • 2015 (44)
    Kian, E; Eric Anderson & Shipka, D. I am Happy to Start the Conversation: Examining Sport Media Framing of Jason Collins Coming out and Playing in the NBA.
    Sexualities, 18(5-6), 618-640.
  • 2015 (43)
    Eric Anderson & *Bullingham, R. Openly Lesbian Team Sport Athletes in an Era of Decreasing Homohysteria.
    International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 50(6): 647-660.
  • 2015 (42)
    Eric Anderson
    Assessing the Sociology of Sport: On Changing Masculinities and Homophobia Studies.
    International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 50(4-5): 363-367.
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    The Changing Experiences of Bisexual Male Adolescents. 
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    Bisexual Men and Body Image.
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  • 2014 (39)
    McCormack, M. Eric Anderson & *Adams, A.
    Cohort Effect on the Coming out Experiences of Bisexual Males. 
    Sociology, 48(6): 1207-1223.
  • 2014 (38) McCormack, M. & Eric Anderson.
    The Influence of Declining Homophobia on Men’s Gender in the United States: An Argument for the Study of Homohysteria.
    Sex Roles, 71(3-4): 109-120.
  • 2014 (37) McCormack, M. & Eric Anderson
    Homohysteria: Definitions, Context and Intersectionality
    Sex Roles, 71(3-4): 152-158.
  • 2013 (36) McCormack, M., Eric Anderson & *Adams, A.
    Taking to the Streets: The Benefits of Spontaneous Methodological Innovation in Participant Recruitment.
    Qualitative Research, 13:2: 208-221.
    - Reprinted in Creative Research Methods in the Social Sciences: A Practical Guide. Edited by Helen Kara. Policy Press: Bristol, UK.
  • 2013 (35) Eric Anderson
    Adolescent Masculinity in an age of Decreased Homohysteria.
    Boyhood Studies, 7(1): 79-93.
  • 2013 (34) Eric Anderson 
    The Need to Review Peer Review: The Regnerus Scandal as a Call to Action
    Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health , 17(3)
  • 2013 (33) Eric Anderson
    I9 and the Transformation of Youth Sport
    Journal of Sport and Social Issues, 27(1): 97-111.
  • 2012 (32) Eric Anderson
    Inclusive Masculinity in a Physical Education Setting
    Thymos: Journal of Boyhood Studies,6(2): 151-165.
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    Male Team Sport Hazing Initiations in a Culture of Decreasing Homohysteria.
    Journal of Adolescent Research, 27(4): 427-448.

    -Reprinted in (2012) Sport, Masculinities and Sexualities. Eric Anderson (ed). Routledge.
  • 2012 (30) *Adams, A. & Eric Anderson
    Exploring the Relationship Between Homosexuality and Sport among the Teammates of a Small, Midwestern Catholic College Soccer Team.
    Sport, Education and Society, 17(3): 347-363.
  • 2012 (29) Eric Anderson & Kian, T.
    Examining Media Contestation of Masculinity and Head Trauma in the National Football League.
    Men and Masculinities, 15(2): 152-173.

    -2nd most read article of 2012 -2015 for this journal.
  • 2012 (28)
    Eric Anderson, *Adams, A., & Rivers, I. 
    I Kiss Them Because I Love Them: The Emergence of Heterosexual Men Kissing in British Institutes of Education. 
    Archives of Sexual Behavior, 41(2): 421-430.
  • 2012 (27)
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    The Performance of Softer Masculinities on the University Dance Floor 
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    Shifting Masculinities in Anglo-American Countries.
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  • 2011 (23) Southall, R., Eric Anderson, Southall, C., Nagel, M. & Polite, F. An Investigation of Ethnicity 
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  • 2011 (22) Eric Anderson & *Adams, A.
    Aren’t We All a Little Bisexual?: The Recognition of Bisexuality in an Unlikely Place 
    Journal of Bisexuality, 11(1): 3-22
    .-Reprinted in (2012) Sport, Masculinities and Sexualities. Eric Anderson (ed). Routledge.
  • 2011 (21) **Ripley, M; Eric Anderson; McCormack, M; Adams, A. & Pitts, R.
    The Decreasing Significance of Stigma in the Lives of Bisexual Men.
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  • 2011 (20) Eric Anderson
    Masculinities and Sexualities in Sport and Physical Cultures: Three Decades of Evolving Research
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  • 2011 (19) Eric Anderson
    Updating the Outcome: Gay Athletes, Straight Teams, and Coming Out in Educationally Based Sport Teams.. 
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  • 2011 (18) Eric Anderson
    Inclusive Masculinities of University Soccer Players in the American Midwest. 
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    The Rise and Fall of Western Homohysteria
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    It’s Just not Acceptable Any More: The Erosion of Homophobia and the Softening of Masculinity at an English Sixth Form. 
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  • 2010 (15) Eric Anderson
    ‘‘At least with cheating there is an attempt at monogamy’’: Cheating and Monogamism Among Undergraduate Heterosexual Men.
    Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, 27(7): 851-872.
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    Being Masculine is not about who you Sleep with: Heterosexual Athletes Contesting Masculinity and the One-Time Rule of Homosexuality. 
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    Inclusive Masculinity in a Fraternal Setting. Men and Masculinities, 10(5): 604-620.
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    ‘I used to think women were weak:’ Orthodox Masculinity, Gender-Segregation and Sport. 
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    -Reprinted in (2009) Michael Kimmel & Michael Messner (eds.), Men’s Lives. New York: Macmillan Publishing.
  • 2006 (3) Eric Anderson
    Using the Master’s Tools: Resisting Colonization through Colonial Sports. 
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  • 2005 (2) Eric Anderson
    Orthodox & Inclusive Masculinity: Competing Masculinities among Heterosexual Men in a Feminized Terrain. 
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  • 2002 (1) Eric Anderson
    Openly Gay Athletes: Contesting Hegemonic Masculinity in a Homophobic Environment. 
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    -Reprinted in (2009). Paul Davis & Charlene Weaving (eds.), Philosophical Perspectives on Gender in Sports. London: Routledge.
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More Publications by Prof. Anderson.

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