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I completed a BSc in Psychology at the University of Birmingham, followed by an MSc in Research Methods in Psychology and PhD at the University of Reading, under the supervision of Professor Pasco Fearon. My PhD thesis explores the development of emotion regulation in young children, as well as the parenting behaviour that might influence this development.

In 2012, I started at the University of Portsmouth as a Research Fellow where I worked on a number of externally funded projects, most recently leading on the Changing Mindsets 2 project funded by the Educational Endowment Foundation. During my time at the University of Portsmouth, I was also a part-time lecturer and contributed to a number of different teaching modules.

I joined the University of Winchester in 2020 as a Lecturer in Psychology.


Journal articles

  • Warren, F., Mason-Apps, E., Hoskins, S., Devonshire, V., & Chanvin, M. (2019). The relationship between implicit theories of intelligence, attainment, and socio-demographic factors in a UK sample of primary school children. British Educational Research Journal, 45, 736-754.
  • Warren, F., Mason-Apps, E., Hoskins, S., Azmi, Z., & Boyce, J. (2018). The role of implicit theories, age, and gender in the creative performance of children and adults. Thinking Skills and Creativity, 28, 98-109.
  • Hoskins, S., Nye, J., Warren, F., Mason-Apps, E., Devonshire, V., & Chanvin, M. (2018). Challenging the myths of mindset: theory and practice. Impact: Journal of the Chartered College of Teaching, 2.
  • Apperly, I. A., Warren, F., Andrews, B. J., Grant, J. & Todd, S. (2011). Developmental continuity in theory of mind: Speed and accuracy of belief-desire reasoning in children and adults. Child Development, 82, 1691-1703.

Book chapters

  • Warren, F. (2019). The development of mindset beliefs. In S. Hoskins (Ed.), Growth Mindset for Teachers. London: Corwin.

Media articles


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