Anti-Racism Statement

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We are anti-racist.

We commit to: looking within with humility, listening keenly, and acting to effect real change.

As a values driven university committed to social justice, we believe that all ‘Individuals Matter’ and are dedicated to the flourishing of people. Racial inequality exists and we recognise that we must play a role in actively addressing societal, systemic and everyday racism both on our campus and in our wider community. We remain steadfast to our commitments to being an anti-racist* university and accept that we must look in with humility, listen keenly, and act to effect real change. We encourage and support all our students, staff and partners to join us in this endeavour.

*To us being an anti-racist university means we acknowledge, challenge and effectively address all forms of racism wherever we find it, both collectively and individually. This includes Islamophobia, Antisemitism, ethnoreligious discrimination and xenophobia.

Our commitments

Leadership and culture

We all belong at the University of Winchester and we celebrate the rich diversity of culture that our staff and students bring to us. We recognise that to address systemic racism we must champion a cultural change on our campus and in our wider community.

We will:

Learning and teaching

We recognise the importance of all our students seeing both themselves and others in what they are being taught, with teaching materials reflecting diverse examples of names and images that are positive and not stereotyped. We also recognise the importance of learning about and assessing subjects in a way that is relevant to all of our students, making our subject areas inclusive and teaching from a perspective that recognises the global nature of that subject.

We will:

Staff inclusion

We value and will strive towards greater diversity within our staff at all levels and within our student body. We recognise that there is work to do to increase representation and progression opportunities across our board, committees and within our staff profile.

We will:

Staff belonging

We seek to ensure that wherever we have control, we create environments, policies and experiences that are safe for everyone and allow everyone to flourish. We are addressing the BAME awarding gap through data driven, department-level initiatives.

We will:


*The term BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) is used repeatedly throughout this statement. We recognise that this term is not unproblematic.  We are aware that this homogenous term is incapable of capturing the multitude of experiences and culture that it symbolises. At present, this term is currently recognised within sector regulation and has been adopted by our own networks, however we will continue to consider the further divisions that such terms can pose as we move towards our anti-racist ideal.

Achievements to date

We have…