Explore information about our Graduation ceremonies, held annually in Winchester Cathedral.

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Alan Titchmarsh shaking a graduate's hand


Here you'll find more information about our Graduation ceremonies. This page will be updated regularly with information about the next year of Graduation ceremonies.  

Feel free to get in touch with us about any aspect of Graduation. Email us on graduation@winchester.ac.uk or call us on

+44 (0) 1962 827253. 


Graduation Information

2018 Ceremony details

Invitations to Graduation were sent via email to your University email address and any other email address you provided in Summer 2018 (only once you receive your exam board letter and your award has been confirmed). You must have accepted the invitation and register your attendance at Graduation by the deadline date provided in the invitation. If you fail to respond to your invitation by the deadline, we will assume you will not be attending. 

Note that students exiting their intended award early with a Cert HE or Dip HE will not be invited to a graduation ceremony. 

Please ensure that any personal email addresses the University have for you are up to date by My Record.

If you are a combined honours student and your subjects belong to two different faculties, you will graduate with your home faculty. Your home faculty will be noted on your student card. 

If you are a combined honours student and your subjects belong to the same faculty, you will graduate with the subject that comes first alphabetically.

Graduation 2018

Winchester Cathedral

[FDN -foundation; UG-undergraduate; PG-postgraduate]

Tuesday 16th October 2018 AM: HSS I

UG:   Ancient, Classical and Medieval Studies; Archaeology; Forensic Studies; Geography; Global History and Politics; History; History, Civilisations and Beliefs; History and the Medieval World; History and the Modern World; Politics and Global Studies; Philosophy, Religion and Ethics; Theology, Religion and Ethics
PG:   Animal Welfare; Archaeology; Cultural Heritage and Resource Management; Death, Religion and Culture; History; Human Osteology and Funerary Studies; Orthodox Studies; Reconciliation and Peacebuilding; PhD



Tuesday 16th October 2018 PM: HSS II

UG:   Criminology; Psychology (all pathways); Sociology
PG:   Applied Criminology; Forensic Psychology; Learning and Teaching in Higher Education; PhD



Wednesday 17th October 2018 AM: BLS I

FDN:   Shoei; Management: CGI
UG:   Accounting and Finance; Accounting and Management; Business Management; Business Management for IT: CGI; All ICBS programmes
PG:   Accounting and Finance; Applied Global Practice; Business Administration; Business Management; Project Management; International Business; All ICBS programmes; PhD



Wednesday 17th October 2018 PM: BLS II

UG:   Design and Technology Solutions; Digital Media Design; Digital Media Development; Event Management; Fashion, Media and Marketing; Law; Marketing; Sports Business and Marketing; Sports Coaching and Development; Sport and Exercise Science; Sports Studies
PG:   Applied Sport and Exercise Science; Digital Media Practice (all pathways); Marketing Innovation; Sport and Exercise Psychology; PhD



Thursday 18th October 2018 AM: EHSC I

UG:   Education Studies; Early Childhood; Modern Liberal Arts; Primary Education; Social Work
PG:   Education; Modern Liberal Arts; Philosophy of Education; Social Work; PhD



Thursday 18th October 2018 PM: EHSC II

PG:   PGCE (all routes); Advanced Educational Studies; Delivery of Primary Healthcare; SENCO; Medical Education; PhD



Friday 19th October 2018 AM: EHSC III / ARTS I

EHSC FDN:   Childhood Studies
EHSC UG:   Childhood Studies; Childhood, Youth and Community; Health, Community and Social Care; Nursing Studies
ARTS UG:   American Studies; Creative Writing; English Literature; English Language; English with American Literature
ARTS PG:   Creative and Critical Writing; Writing for Children; PhD



Friday 19th October 2018 PM: ARTS II

UG:   Broadcast Television and Media Production; Choreography and Dance; Comedy; Drama; Film Production; Film Studies; Journalism; Mass Communication; Media and Communication (all pathways); Musical Theatre; Performing Arts; Theatre Production; Vocal and Choral Studies
PG:   Cultural and Arts Management; PhD



AM Ceremony

Gown Collection from Guildhall From 8am
Time to be seated at Cathedral by 10am
Time Ceremony begins 10:30am
Return of gown and hat by 5:30pm, by 5pm on Friday


PM Ceremony

Gown Collection from Guildhall From 11am
Time to be seated at Cathedral by 1:30pm
Time Ceremony begins 2pm
Return of gown and hat by 5:30pm, by 5pm on Friday



Graduation tickets

In order to attend Graduation, you must register your place when invited via email. Your personal invitation will contain details of how to register your attendance, apply for guest tickets and order your cap and gown.

Graduation Tickets

Graduands who have registered to attend Graduation do not require a ticket to Graduation but must be wearing the appropriate academic robes. Once you have confirmed your attendance, you will automatically be allocated a place on whichever ceremony you have been invited to. You will be checked off a list upon your arrival to ensure we are expecting you. 

All Graduands attending a ceremony will be allocated 2 guest tickets. All tickets to Graduation are free of charge. 

Carer Tickets

If one of your guests requires a carer, you may apply for an additional carer ticket. Evidence of the requirement of a carer must be provided before the ticket can be issued (for example, doctors note or carer badge). 
Please note that the University does not have access to parking at the Cathedral so cannot provide disabled parking.  

Tickets for Children

Any child over the age of 3 will require a ticket to attend a ceremony. 

It may be worth noting that Graduation ceremonies are long services and are not particularly appropriate for young children who may become bored and restless. 

Seating in the Cathedral

Guest seating within the Cathedral is not allocated. We ask that guests make their way to the Cathedral with plenty of time to be seated. 

Graduands will be sat at the front of the Cathedral and arranged by programme and alphabetically. There will be ushers at each ceremony to assist with Graduands finding their seats. 

If you or any of your guests have accessibility issues, please make us aware when you register for graduation. The more specific you are able to be with your requirements, the better we will be able to assist you. 

On the day

Getting Here


Your certificate will be issued to you on the day of Graduation, if you attend. Please double check the information on the certificate is correct.

When will I receive my certificate?

Your certificate will be issued to you on the day of Graduation, if you attend. Please double check the information on the certificate is correct. Take good care of your certificate – it is a valuable and unique document that verifies your award. Your certificate will show your full name, award, programme of study, classification and the date your award was confirmed. 

What if I do not attend Graduation?

If you do not attend a ceremony, your certificate will be sent to you by recorded delivery as soon as possible after the ceremonies. Your certificate will be sent to the home address which is held on our student records system – so it is important to check this is up to date!

Which name will appear on my certificate?

The name on your certificate should be your full legal name; we will use the name you provided at enrolment. If this is mis-spelt or missing any middle names, please double check this and contact registry.enquiries@winchester.ac.uk to make any changes as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to ensure all of your details held by the University are up to date. Information currently held by the University such as your name and address can be seen on your 'My Record' screen on the University Intranet.  

What if I do not receive my certificate? 

If you have not received your certificate 6 weeks after Graduation, please contact the Awards Officer as soon as possible by emailing graduation@winchester.ac.uk 

Graduation gifts and merchadise

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Replacement certificates and transcripts

Do you need a replacement certificate or copies of your University transcripts?

Replacement Certificates

If your award was made between 1978 and 1992, your award was conferred by the CNAA (now disbanded) and the Open University now issues CNAA replacement certificates. Please refer to the Open University website for details of how to apply for a certificate.

For all other replacement certificates, please visit the Online Store and purchase 'Replacement Certificate'. For Replacement Certificates there is a charge of £20.

Certified Copies

If you require a certified copy of your original degree certificate, please send a scanned copy of your certificate to graduation@winchester.ac.uk 

This will then be stamped, signed and certified as a true and accurate copy and sent to you via email or post (whichever you require).

Requests for Transcripts

Most students awarded from June 2015 onwards will have a HEAR (Higher Education Achievement Report) which contains an academic transcript. Details of how to access your HEAR can be found by clicking here.

If your award was made from the year 2000 onwards, please visit the Online Store and purchase ‘Additional Transcript’. For Additional Transcripts there is a charge of £20 for up to 5 transcripts.

If your award was made before 2000, please complete the attached form. Please note that transcripts from before 2000 are not always available as transcripts were not produced as a matter of course at this time and not all module results have been kept on record.

Requests for Verification of Studies/Award

If you require a letter confirming your studies and/or award, please complete the attached form.

For any queries please email Awards Officer, Aimee Styles at aimee.styles@winchester.ac.uk