Health and Care Professions

Inspiring programmes for aspiring health and care professionals

We are a dynamic and expanding team offering a range of exciting courses for aspiring health professionals.

We endeavour to provide the best quality educational experience for all our students within a friendly and supportive learning environment. We are growing our list of undergraduate programmes, having launched Nursing in September 2019. All our programmes are designed to support the development of your academic and professional skills to meet the needs of employers and build your leadership and teamwork skills.

Our staff excel in teaching, research and service in their fields, and their valuable real-life experience of the industry and community can help you select the course of study best suited to your interests.

Meet the team

Department of Allied Health Professions

Prof. Lesley Collier, Head of Department and Programme leader, Occupational Therapy

Katie Castle, Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Karen Chapman, Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Dr Katherine Cook, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Karen Evans, Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Sarah Ewles, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Gemma Quinn, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Dr Steve Ryall, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy, Student Experience Lead

Amelia Shaw, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Josephine Morris, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Sophie Gay, Head of Practice Learning, Physiotherapy

Department of Nursing and Midwifery

Dr Chris Gale, Head of Department

Wayne Arnett, Senior Lecturer in Nursing

Dave Clark, Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing

Hannah Connell, Lecturer in Nursing Skills & Simulation 

Lois Doel, Senior Lecturer in Child Nursing 

Carly Green, Lecturer in Child Nursing


Kathryn Hallam, Lecturer in Adult Nursing 

Paul Harvey, Senior lecturer in  Mental Health Nursing

Stacy Hutchins, Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing

Ginny Roberts, Lecturer in Adult Nursing 

Prof. David Voegeli, Professor of Nursing

Jo Welch, Senior Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing 

Becky Williamson, Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing 

Ian Winkworth, Senior lecturer in Adult Nursing

Katy Winkworth, Lecturer in Nursing Skills & Simulation

Dr Kate Nash, Lead Midwife for Education

Vikki Pragnell, Senior Lecturer in Midwifery 

Gloria Mancuso, Lecturer in Midwifery 

Department of Social Work

Liz Ellis, Head of Department

Baljit Soroya, Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Catherine Murgatroyd, Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Jackie Chrystal, Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Jane Peacock, Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Richard Murphy, Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Stephanie Langley, Senior Lecturer in Social Work

Thomas Wilks, Senior Lecturer in Social Work

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