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Dr Richard Gunton PhD (Leeds) MA (Cantab) is Lecturer in Statistics. Prior to joining the Department of Accounting, Finance, Mathematics and Economics in 2019, he was a Research Fellow in statistics and modelling at Sciteb Ltd, a management consultancy in London. 

Richard's previous research and teaching positions were in ecology with a focus on statistics. Following his PhD at the University of Leeds. he held postdoctoral positions at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) and the Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (France).  He has also worked in Australia, with a stint at Charles Darwin University and participation in a project of the Australian Centre for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis.


Journal articles

  • Gunton RM, Basden A, Hejnowicz AP, van Asperen E, Christie I, Hanson DR, Hartley SE (in review) The Pluralistic Evaluation Framework: towards democratically-accountable joined-up environmental policy-making
  • Gunton RM, Stafleu, MD, Reiss, MJ (2021) A general theory of objectivity: contributions from the Reformational philosophy tradition. Foundations of Science, doi: 10.1007/s10699-021-09809-x

  • Kenter JO, Raymond C, Van Riper C, Azzopardi E, Brear M, Calcagni F, Christie I, Christie M, Fordham A, Gould R, Gunton R, et al. (2019) Loving the mess: navigating diversity and conflict in social values for sustainability. Sust. Sci. 14: 1439-1461
  • Christie I, Gunton RM, Hejnowicz AP (2019) Sustainability and the common good: Catholic social teaching & ’integral ecology’ as contributions to a framework of social values for sustainability transitions. Sust. Sci. 14: 1343-1354
  • Gunton R & Gilbert F (2017) Laws in ecology: diverse modes of explanation for a holistic science?  Zygon 52: 538-560
  • Gunton RM, van Asperen E, Basden A, Bookless D, Araya Y, Hanson DR, Goddard MA, Otieno G, Jones GO (2017) Beyond ecosystem services: valuing the invaluable. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 32: 249-257
  • Gunton RM, Marsh CJ, Moulherat S, Malchow A, Bocedi G, Klenke R, Kunin WE (2017) Multi-criterion trade-offs and synergies for spatial conservation planning. Journal of Applied Ecology 54: 903-913
  • Gunton RM, Firbank LG, Inman A, Winter DM (2016) How scalable is sustainable intensification? Nature Plants doi:10.1038/nplants.2016.65
  • Gunton RM & Pöyry J (2016) Scale-specific spatial density-dependence in parasitoids: a multi-factor meta-analysis. Functional Ecology 30: 15011510
  • Clarke PJ, Lawes MJ, Murphy BP, Russell-Smith J, Nano CEM, Bradstock R, Enright NJ, Fontaine JB, Gosper CR, Radford I, Midgley JJ, Gunton RM (2015) A synthesis of postfire recovery traits of woody plants in Australian ecosystems. Science of the Total Environment 534: 3142
  • Gunton RM, Polce C& Kunin WE (2015) Predicting ground temperatures across European landscapes. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 6: 532542
  • Pinke, G & Gunton RM (2014) Refining rare weed trait syndromes along arable intensification gradients. Journal of Vegetation Science 25: 978-989
  • Gunton RM, Petit S, Gaba S (2011) Functional traits relating arable weed communities to crop characteristics. Journal of Vegetation Science 22:541-550
  • Gunton RM (2011) Integrating associational resistance into arable weed management. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 142: 129-136
  • Tsvuura Z, ME Griffiths,Gunton, RM, Lawes MJ (2011) Predator satiation and recruitment in a mast fruiting monocarpic forest herb. Annals of Botany 107: 379-387
  • Boyes LJ, Gunton RM, Griffiths ME, Lawes MJ (2011) Causes of arrested succession in coastal dune forest. Plant Ecology 212:21-32
  • Tsvuura Z, Griffiths ME, Gunton RM, Franks PJ, Lawes MJ (2010) Ecological filtering by a dominant herb selects for shade tolerance in the tree seedling community of coastal dune forest. Oecologia 164:861-870
  • Franklin D, Gunton RM, Schatz, J, Lawes MJ (2010) Resprouting responses of trees in a fire-prone tropical savanna following severe tornado damage.  Austral Ecology 35: 685-694
  • Gunton RM, Boyes LJ, Griffiths ME, Lawes MJ (2010) Regeneration niches and functional traits of three common species in sub-tropical dune forest. Forest Ecology & Management 260:1490-1497
  • Gunton RM & Kunin WE (2009) Density-dependence at multiple scales in experimental and natural plant populations. Journal of Ecology 97:567-580
  • Gunton RM & Kunin WE (2007) Density effects at multiple scales in an experimental plant population. Journal of Ecology 95:435-445

Book Chapters

  • Gunton RM & Gilbert F (2019) Reintegrating biology: nothing in evolution makes sense except in the light of ecology. In: Rethinking Biology: Public Understandings (ed. Reiss M, Watts F, Wiseman H) World Scientific
  • Gunton RM (2015) Fine-tuning Arguments For The Existence of God: A Shot In The Foot? In: Laws of Nature, Laws of God? ed Spurway N. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Cambridge.

5 chapters in: Scaling in Ecology and Conservation, ed. Henle K et al. (2014) PENSOFT, Sofia:

  • Henle K, Grobelnik V, Potts SG, Scott AV, Kunin WE, Gunton RM, Matsinos YG, Similä J, Pantis JD, Klenke R, Settele J, Penev L. Scaling in ecology and biodiversity conservation: An introduction. pp 13-18. 
  • Gunton RM, Klenke R, Paloniemi R, Gavish Y, Marsh C, Kunin WE, Henle K. The meaning of scale. pp 19-22
  • Marsh CJ, Gunton RM, Kunin WE. Conserving different kinds of biodiversity in different sorts of landscapes. pp 90-94
  • Gunton RM, Lehsten V, Kunin WE. Downscaling climate data to predict species’ ranges. pp 104-107
  • Henle K, Potts SG, Scott AV, Kunin WE, Gunton RM, Schmeller DS, Matsinos YG, Similä J, Pantis JD, Mazaris AD, Grobelnik V, Grimm A, Penev L, Klenke R, Settele J. Lessons learned. pp 193-200
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