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Dr Liam J. Leonard joined the University of Winchester in 2022 as Lecturer in Criminology. He has over 20 years' international experience teaching and publishing in academic institutions such as the University of Winchester, Arden University, Northern Arizona University, California State University and the National University of Ireland. Dr Leonard was the Senior Academic on the Recruit Training & Teaching Programme for the Irish Prison Service.

He is founder and editor of CRIMSOC, which publishes the Journal of Social Criminology and many criminological books. He is the current Editor of the Advances in Criminology book series for IGI Global, and has been editor of the Advances in Ecopolitics/Environmental Justice/Sustainability Series with Emerald.


Dr Leonard has written or edited 25 books and numerous articles for scholarly journals. Selected Publications:

Recent journal articles

Leonard, Liam.J., 2022 'Can Restorative Justice Provide a Better Outcome for Participants and Society than the Courts?' Laws, 11(1), p. 14. https://doi.org/10.3390/laws11010014https://www.mdpi.com/2075-471X/11/1/14

Leonard, Liam J. 2020. 'Justice on the inside: teaching human rights and social justice to the recruit prison officers of the Irish prison service by developing professional integrity?' Contemporary Justice Review, 23:2, 170-183, DOI: 10.1080/10282580.2020.1755849 

Leonard, Liam J.  2013. ‘Cultural Criminology, Governmentality and the Liquidity of the Failing State: The View from Ireland’ Critical Criminology, Dordrecht: Springer 

Leonard, Liam J. and Kenny, P. 2011.'Restorative Justice in Ireland', the Prison Journal, March 2011. NY: Sage

Leonard , Liam J. and Kenny, P. 2010. 'The Restorative Justice Movement and Civil Society in Ireland', Irish Journal of Sociology 18.2. Manchester: MUP

Leonard, Liam J. and Kenny, P.  2010. Preparing Equality, Training and Diversity within the Criminal Justice System in the Republic of Ireland’, Translocations Journal 9

Leonard, Liam J. 2009. Social partnership’s boiling point: Environmental issues and social responses to neo-liberal policy in Ireland, Critical Social Policy 29/2 London: Sage

Recent books

Leonard, Liam J. (Ed.) 2022. Case Studies on Crimes, Investigations, and Media Coverage. Hershey, (PA): IGI Global

Leonard, Liam J. 2021. Global Perspectives on People, Process, and Practice in Criminal Justice. Hershey: IGI Global https://www.igi-global.com/book/global-perspectives-people-process-practice/256599

Leonard, Liam J. 2018. Environmental Criminology (Advances in Sustainability and Environmental Justice Vol. 20), Emerald Group Bingley/Bradford UK https://books.emeraldinsight.com/book/detail/environmental-criminology/?k=9781787433786 

Leonard, Liam J. 2018. The Sustainable Nation (Advances in Sustainability and Environmental Justice Vol. 19), Emerald Group Bingley/Bradford UK   

Leonard, Liam J. and Sya B. Kedzior (Eds.) (2014) Occupy the Earth: Global Environmental Movements (Advances in Sustainability and Environmental  Justice Vol. 15), Emerald Group Bingley/Bradford UK   

For a full list of publications, visit Dr Leonard's website.


Dr Leonard is an active speaker on the international conference circuit, and has spoken at conferences in the UK, Europe and North America, including the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (New York), The European Group for the Study of Deviance (UK), European Criminology Association (Bilbao), European Sociology Association (Paris), Western Criminology Association (Arizona), Pacific Sociology Association (Long Beach CA), California Sociology Association (Los Angeles, CA), Global Sustainability Conference (Gothenburg), Irish Criminology Conference (*Organizer) and Irish Sociology Conference.

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