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Dr Tamas LESTAR holds a PhD in management and sustainability from the University of Essex. For several years, he has been investigating spiritual communities and practices in the context of dietary change and sustainability transitions.

Tamas taught qualitative research methods, new venture creation, social innovation and other management and organisation modules internationally, including in China. He brings colour to the classroom by building on his experiences in ethnography, social enterprising and travelling in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Prior to finding his niche and happy fulfilment in academia, Tamas worked internationally as a company owner and serial entrepreneur in both the for-profit and charitable sectors. He welcomes start-up ideas addressing practical issues such as climate change, health, and well-being. Currently, he supports social entrepreneurs in Kenya who promote plant-based diets and more sustainable lifestyles.



A Seventh-day Adventist farm community in Tanzania and vegetarianism as a social practice


ISSN: 2046-6749

Article publication date: 20 September 2022


Why imported veg is still more sustainable than local meat? 

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Religions going nuts? Faith-based veganism and transformative learning in the context of sustainability transitions (case 1: The Hare Krishna movement)

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Ecospirituality and sustainability transitions: agency towards degrowth

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Conviviality?: Eating Together with Hare Krishna Believers

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Disconnecting from Technology on Hare Krishna Farms

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Spiritual Conversion and Dietary Change: Empirical Investigations in Two Eco-spiritual Communities

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