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Neil Messer completed his PhD in molecular biology in Cambridge before a call to ordained ministry in the United Reformed Church led him to study theology in Cambridge and at King's College London. He served as a church minister before moving into theological teaching and research at Mansfield College, Oxford, the Queen's Foundation, Birmingham and the University of Wales, Lampeter. He came to Winchester in 2009 and was made Professor of Theology in 2011. He was Head of Department from 2009 to Aug. 2015.

Areas of expertise

Theology, science and ethics


  • Messer N. (2018)  Evolution, animal suffering and ethics: a response to Christopher Southgate. In: A. Linzey and C. Linzey (eds), Routledge Handbook of Religion and Animal Protection.
  • Messer N. ( 2017) Theological Neuroethics: Christian ethics meets the science of the human brain (London: T & T Clark Enquiries in Theological Ethics Series)
  • Messer, N. 2013  Flourishing: Health, Disease, and Bioethics in Theological Perspective (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans Publishing)
  • Paddison, A & Messer, N. (Eds) 2013 The Bible: culture, community and society (London: T & T Clark)
  • Messer, N. 2011 Respecting life: Theology and Bioethics (London: SCM)
  • Messer, N. 2007 Selfish genes and Christian ethics: theological and ethical reflections on Evolutionary Biology (London: SCM)
  • Messer, N. 2006 SCM Study Guide to Christian ethics (London: SCM)
  • Messer, N. 2006 Going by the Book: exploring ethics and the Bible (Church Times Study Guides) (Canterbury Press Norwich)
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