Stand Alone bursary for estranged students

The University of Winchester is committed to the Stand Alone Pledge to support estranged students.
Estranged students are young people studying without the support and approval of a family network and who have no contact with their family.
In recognition of the barriers that estranged students may face accessing and remaining in Higher Education, the University of Winchester has introduced this bursary to provide additional financial and pastoral support. 
Eligible students will receive:

  • A bursary of £500 per year for all undergraduate estranged students, plus a £500 graduation bursary.
  • A designated Student Adviser as a named point of contact throughout their time at the University.
  • Access to year round University accommodation, particularly ensuring accommodation is available over the summer vacation where required.
  • A dedicated web page for estranged students with useful links and contact information.
  • A transition taster event to introduce students to student life and the support available to them.