On this page you can find a range of resources that are available for you to share with your learners. If you have any specific resources that you require for your students and situation then please contact us and we can support you, please contact schoolsandcolleges@winchester.ac.uk.

Choosing and applying

Resources to encourage students to think about higher education and how to decide what to study.

Choosing a Course and a University - presentation

Applying from further away. What is Winchester like? - video

Applying from the Channel Islands - video

Applying from Northern Ireland - video

Applying as a mature student - video

Applying and commuting to university - video

Researching University - activity document

Use our Useful Website Guide with links of where a student can start their research.


Compact Scheme:

Our Compact Scheme is committed to encouraging and supporting all students who have academic potential and ability to progress to higher education. More information is available on our compact partnership page.

 Compact Scheme Information for Applicants - presentation

 Applying from a Compact school or college - video

Degree Apprenticeships

Our Degree Apprenticeship pages have a range of useful information and there is further advice on the UWIN Aspire YouTube channel.

Degree Apprenticeships - activity document

Visiting a university

Although some visits to universities are cancelled, our video or presentation will support students when the time comes to visit before they make application decisions.

How to get the most out of visiting a university - video

How to get the most out of visiting a university - presentation

Get the most from a virtual visit - blog

Personal statements

Our resources can be used when supporting student to start thinking about writing their statement.

Top tips for writing your Personal Statement Worksheet


Work Experience Guidance for Professional Health courses - handout document


Work Experience Guidance for Teaching courses - handout document


Enhancing Your Personal Statement for those who need to think about enhancing their statement beyond their studies - handout document

Writing your Personal Statement - video

Money matters: Budgeting

Resources to get those who are starting university in 2021 to start thinking about budgeting and income they will have as a university student.

Student Spending and Budgeting (for those who would receive finance from Student Finance England) - video

Student Spending and Budgeting (for those who would receive Student Finance in the Channel Islands) - video

Student Finance and preparing for university - presentation

Managing your money - activity document

Student Finance

University of Winchester Support (Bursaries and Scholarships) - presentation

NHS Funding - presentation

Government Financial Support - video


Ten Top Tips for Undergraduate Students - presentation

Top Tips for academic study - handout document