BBC documentary presenter and Anglican priest asks what it means to be human

26 Feb 2018

TV documentary presenter, author and Anglican priest, the Revd Peter Owen-Jones explores what it is to be a human being in at University of Winchester on 8 March.

During his talk, the Revd Peter Owen-Jones will discuss how our current time of great change presents an incredible opportunity to re-examine what it is to be human and will explore who we are in the eyes of the natural world. He will also reveal the meaning of the term ‘Ecorria’, a word he has created himself.

The Revd Dr Terry Biddington, Dean of Spiritual Life at the University of Winchester, said, “Peter Owen-Jones is an extraordinary man and an even more extraordinary priest. His work over many years has been to test the boundaries of Christian identity and practice: whether it be with regard to the other world faiths, or to ideas around what constitutes 'good Christian' behaviour or, more recently with his last TV documentary exploring the Downs, our relationship to the land and the earth.

“In this lecture he will, with his customary panache, lure us into fresh perspectives and challenge us in the most unexpected of ways to look again at who we are.”

After working in adverting for 11 years, the Revd Owen-Jones became an ordained Anglican minister in 1992. He served as a rector of three parishes just outside Cambridge.

He has also fronted a number of award-winning BBC television programmes looking at different aspects of Christianity and other faiths. These include How to Live a Simple Life, a three-part series in which he tried to turn his back on consumerism; Extreme Pilgrim, in which in which he lived as a Chinese Buddhist monk, a Christian monk and an Indian ascetic; and The Battle for Britain’s Soul, a history of Christianity in Britain. He has also produced a number of highly acclaimed books on religion including Bed of Nails: an advertising executive’s journey through Theological College; Small Boat Big Sea; Psalms; Letters from an Extreme Pilgrim, and Pathlands.

Ecorria: Knowing and encountering ourselves in the reflection of the natural world. Who are we in the eyes of the natural world? takes place at 6.30pm on Thursday 8 March. Find out more and book your place: 

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